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BCC Varsity vs. Whitman write-up

Posted Friday, March 26, 2010 by Calvin Cobb
Barons Get Back On Track, Whipping Whitman 15-8

The Lady Baron Varsity Lacrosse team came out of the blocks quickly on a warm March 25th evening at Whitman, using athleticism and speed to improve to 1-1 overall in the 2010 season.

Melissa Jaskiewicz opened the scoring at the 4 minute mark with an unassisted goal, and the combination of Sunny Cobb, Rachel Keeling and Maggie Mitchell scored four minutes later to tie the score 2-2. Jaskiewicz scored again coming around from behind the net, and when the Vikings tied the score 3 all it looked like a barn burner. But the Barons got very tough on defense - Danielle Harkaway, Kinsey Hoffman and Elizabeth Ward blocked the paths to the goal with their bodies and knocked the ball loose with their stick checks. Harkaway, Hoffman and Stephanie Mertens used their speed and agility to grab the ground balls, and the Barons were able to consistently force turn-overs and smoothly move the ball into the offensive end, pulling steadily away until they led 8-3 at halftime. Jaskiewicz, Laura O'Brien, and Caitlyn McCarty did a good job working the ball forward, into the hands of Cobb, Keeling, and Mitchell.

Offensively, the damage was done by Maggie Mitchell (7 goals), Jaskiewicz (4 goals), Amy Miller (2 goals), Sunny Cobb (1 goal) and Josie Silva-Lopes (1 goal); but many of the goals were assisted and several were the result of consecutive passes. But the real story was the defense and transition game - which looked very different than two days ago. The Barons completed passes in series, made good decisions with the ball, and dominated the Vikings by forcing turn overs all over the field, particularly in the Vikings end. Josie Silva-Lopes and Rebecca Natoli were strong in this department, and Emily Altman and Marilyn Hucek showed poise and athleticism in the defensive end. Notably, Gwynedd Arbury stood very tall in the goal - she made several early saves on penalty shots, handled the ball very well after the save, and sent a waive of confidence through her teammates that was felt all over the field. Abby Frank and Katie Webster came in and played well.

In all, this game was a big step forward for a team that has a way to go yet, but the prospects going forward are bright because the Barons have excellent tools to work with and have shown how quickly they can improve.

Submitted by Calvin Hobbs

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