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BCC Varsity vs. St. Johns write-up

Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2010 by Calvin Cobb

Varsity Lady Barons Crush St. John’s, 18-4

On a pleasant April 12th evening at B-CC, the Lady Barons scored early and often and ran away from St. John’s, 18-4.  Sunny Cobb opened the scoring ably assisted by Maggie Mitchell, who picked up the opening face-off, found Cobb in front, and gave the Barons a 1-0 lead 15 seconds into the game.  The roles reversed, Mitchell scoring off a pass by Cobb to make it 2-0 barely a minute into the game.  Stephanie Mertens collected a ground ball, moved the ball to Cobb who hit Mitchell in front again to make it 3-0.  In all, the Barons dominated the possession, passed well, and on the few occasions when St. John’s was able to drive to the net, the Barons blocked the path to the goal with their bodies and forced turnovers with timely stick checks.

The scoring was dominated by Mitchell (7 goals, 3 assists), but a number of other players chipped in: Cobb (4 goals, 4 assists), Josie Silva.-Lopes (2 goals), Rachael Keeling (1 goal, 1 assist), Kayla Hanley (1 goal, 1 assist), Stephanie Mertens (1 goal), (Abby Frank 1 goal), and Danielle Harkawy (1 goal) all got into the act – unofficially (all the above stats are unofficial) only 6 of the 18 goals were unassisted.  But the story was not just the passing and shooting close in (against a good St. John’s goaltender), it was a team effort that smothered the St. John’s efforts to clear the ball and generate offense.  The Barons were all over the field -- Melissa Jaskiewicz, Kayla Hanley, Josie Silva-Lopes, Rebecca Natoli, Caitlyn McCarty, Stephanie Mertens, Marilyn Hucek, Danielle Harkaway, and Kinsey Hoffman did the hard work of blocking off the passing lanes, forcing turnovers, pressuring the ball.  The Barons as a group got every face off and ground ball and consistently retained and regained possession, giving the offense very opportunity to get clicking. 

On one notable series, a St. John’s player took advantage of a quick transition and sped through the open field with only Kinsey Hoffman between her and the goal.  Hoffman showed amazing poise, toughness and skill by simply stepping into the path of the speeding offensive player, completely blocking the way to the goal, stopping her cold, drawing a charge, and forcing a turnover.  Danielle Harkaway repeatedly used her catch- up speed to chase down fast breaks, patiently wait for the offensive player to drop her stick back to shoot, and force the ball wide of the goal with a timely stick check.  Close defenders Harkaway, Laura O’Brien, Emily Altman and Amy Miller were flawless in their switching and double teaming, and goaltender Gwynedd Arbury rose to the challenge when she was tested.  It was nice to see that after the Barons let down defensively by giving up two quick goals in the last two minutes of the first half, St. John’s was held to a single goal in the second half.  

Most encouragingly, some underclassmen came into the game early on and played well and consistently.  Katie Webster, Abby Frank, and Kayla Hanley made the most of their opportunities, and showed they are ready for more.  This game was another step forward, and is an encouraging sign of good things to come.

Submitted by Calvin Cobb

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